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I am dedicated to breaking generational patterns and outdated cultural beliefs, cultivating deep connections and leading life with confidence.

I lived most of my life under the assumption I wasn't good enough. Somehow, I didn't measure up. I believed I was inadequate or flawed in some way.

Forming deeply connected relationships that felt encouraging, joyful and fulfilling seemed to fall short.

I put on armor everyday that from the outside looked like confidence but was actually fear and doubt
wearing a mask.

I often felt alone. And eventually I just felt stuck with no way out.

What I learned was:

I wasn’t alone.

There are a lot of other people who feel this way too.

  • I wasn’t really stuck. It just felt as if I was.
  • I wasn’t connecting because my armor kept others at bay.
  • I wasn’t taking action.
  • I had plenty of excuses for that. As a result, fear and doubt grew as
    confidence continued to elude me.

Most importantly I learned THERE IS ANOTHER WAY and CHANGE IS POSSIBLE. The willingness to do it differently has brought me fulfillment, deep connections, and confidence.

I want this for YOU.

That is why I became a life coach.

What I learned was that this was a deep seeded belief that got formed early in childhood and got buried in the recesses of my subconscious mind. As I went through life my brain looked (and of course found) evidence to back up this belief.

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